Meet Lacey


As a leader in her field, Lacey Boyd is passionate about helping people of all ages look and feel their best. With a solid reputation of being one of the finest Botox and Dermal Filler consultants in the South Island, Lacey is a well-known and sought after Registered Nurse. She is an expert at making clients feel comfortable, safe and knowledgeable about their appearance choices.


“It’s very important that clients feel comfortable with the choices they are making in regards to their appearance,” Lacey says. “It’s about educating clientele to achieve their desired look and to maintain their appearance in a subtle and stunning manner.”


Lacey is well known for her gentle and caring techniques and helping clients achieve their desired looks. 


“Having had experience as a Paediatric Nurse I’ve been able to master a technique that allows injections to be done in a gentle manner, ” she says. “It’s all about understanding your clientele and ensuring that at all times they understand the procedure and the process.”


With some simply stunning results, Lacey is certainly a preferred Luminous Skin Therapist who is able to assist with anti-aging advice and treatments.

Lacey is based in Motueka assisting clients with a variety of genuine laser treatments.  Lacey also works in Nelson CBD, Richmond and Blenheim. call or message to secure your complimentary consultation.